TYPO3 Neos 1.0 Beta 2


Akutell wurde als Vorbote der final Release die Beta 2 veröffentlicht:

Hier die original Pressemeldung:

TYPO3 Neos Releases

1.0 beta 2 (3rd December 2013)

TYPO3 Neos beta 2 brings us even closer to the countdown of the final release on December 10th. This release includes many imrpovements for making it possible for the integrator to be in control of the output from Neos. This unfortunately leads to some breaking changes, but everything has been implemented in a way that for most websites it won’t break anything. However the recommended way of creating templates have changed. Besides that it includes many bug fixes and stability improvementes as well as the possibility to configure whether or not having pages ending with .html
It contains seven  new breaking changes since the last release, but many of these would be difficult to change afterwards. Read on for more information and a detailed list of changes in the release notes.