TYPO3 Neos Alpha 7 released


Neuigkeiten vom Typo3-Neos Team:

Typo3-Neos wird als Nachfolger des offiziellen Typo3 Cores entwickelt. Typo3-Neos ist nicht mit Typo3 vergleichbar. Ziel ist es ein neues System zu schaffen das mit den bestehenden Einschränkungen aufräumt. Typo3-Neos ist nun in seiner letzten Alphaversion erschienen:

„We are happy to announce the release of TYPO3 Neos Alpha 7 at the T3CON13 which will be our last alpha release.

With this release we finalized features and bug fixes which were started during the code sprint in Frankfurt and took an important step towards the upcoming beta release. There remains a list of a few blocking issues for the beta release which we plan to resolve shortly.

Here is a short overview of the main improvements of Alpha 7:

  • Support for internal links: Neos now has support for creating internal links, including auto-completion when adding a link.
  • Wireframe Mode improvements: It is now better readable and less prone to conflicts with special elements.
  • Stability improvements like the ability to install Neos in a subfolder, improved handling of errors during rendering and styling fixes.
  • Enhancements of TypoScript 2 and FlowQuery.
  • Enhancement of the documentation: Like the addition of the integrators cookbook
  • Cleanup of code, UI, default TypoScript files and documentation.

You will find more details about this release in the TYPO3 Neos Alpha 7 Release Notes, which also contain upgrade instructions and an overview of breaking changes.

Enjoy the release,
the TYPO3 Neos Team “